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The purpose of religion is not the purpose of religion is a way
But now all the road worship religion people do not worship God


God only wants the man : A man and worship Me Now GRIP


                                               I know a man and worship me


God wants these people to hear the language : You only want




I just want you


And this is my religion




First I want to do something so clear that we have different religions we have a God and a religion


This does not mean that I do want other religions to deny it and from one of them I follow


Just a matter of going from the beginning of human history that God wanted a human brain into something you want a man that I consider it be me

Holy Books of all this is going to listen to the voice of God says  ((GRIP and Human worship me)) I would prefer that money to me do not desire and do not prefer ...

In my opinion you dont not have a name for yourself how the worship of God will find you and I Just the above sentence her to act tomorrow


human way to live even if God's Gift of Hope Human should God destroy himself could go to live up


Love means to love to find funny could go up to help and assist Nrs·h nonsense to even those who are too rich and powerful if they think God's not crazy to walk anyway because everything means he'll lose


Of course, who wants his own during the day and night whatever you do for God must be God first make sure that it s also a simple way


I do not say God in different religions over thousands of years prophet tall man, he wants to make himself noticed

Shariati doctor says ((based on following stay any time is think about improving my religion))


Good doctor to God we really understood God Wants You paper and books that followed it, and what abhorrent Look what desirable I have several books from the Gospels and the five books of Moses and

I also recommend you read the thing and gone with no distortion and all To be part of it and read the Koran I read

Quran is the same place that God told human to be sure s (of course when I also read various books you blizzard s)


know things in the Quran

What God wants from us?

Why God's previous books makes himself acknowledged in the Quran?

God asked why the previous books distort stay away?

Why we think different religions together, and God says they all come prophet only one religion?


Why some Moslems Got to love Jesus and Mohammed, some Christians, but God Got to love both of them loved?

Why Christianity and Islam was a religion, a religion of individual community?

God wanted?

What God made people, they separate themselves from the rest?

Why though Moses and Muhammad both come from a god and a letter, say Jewish and Muslim stories happening here?

Why prophets miracles and statues of dragons flying cane to the Qur'an that a book s end?

What is the reason that God says if we revealed this Quran to filling the mountain was shattered?


Why God says that ((Allah only religion is Islam)) Where else are those Christians tells of the night with his God, and there are secret and need God loves them?

Why God says to Abraham, a Muslim?     Then came Islam cannot?

Why God in verse 94 of Yunus the Prophet Quran says if you have doubts of the Scripture scholars Ask    The more they know my messenger even what the Quran?

Why so much God that the Quran with a variety of strange and numerical miracles   Again, it was revealed some deny that God could not gonna send her a book that will open it for anyone who likes the same knee where my competence was God?

It is strange God in verse 85, and 84 prophet First of all it takes to name names and testify and then makes only is Islam says Dean?  What does that mean?

Why the numerical miracle of the Quran so wonderful example but still there is room for doubt that the same God could not doubt that somewhere the resolve remains canot  no one likes to say?


Why god in verse 108 says if the Quran was not meant justice of God?  So instead of thinking does it


What was the reason that Moses the Ten Commandments of God, how many times you want engraved on a plaque?


Why God in verse 136 of  goran want that man to the Qur'an and all previous divine books bring faith and says dad all say something like human, but somebody s head and she put somebody violated?

Divine justice, for example, when God gives wealth, intelligence and someone else does not and where?

Why Quran clearly told me some things and some things because I clearly said about some important issues like the last time that religious controversy is also careful not to talk and if we believe a savior named Mahdi wants to come because even a verse of Quran directly told about it?


Why Revelation to John in the Book of Allah said that whoever want to distort this book and I like afoul doom it from the Quran because God did not just distort Safe Book of the endless round of distortion has to distort the previous books he was satisfied?


Why says in Sura 59 verse Maedeh Muslims believe the Koran and previous books?

Why God anywhere in the Koran over his servant to favor leaving the Koran? This all day and night that man blessed her dog because of two causes so much grace of God because they did not?

What is our obligation with the world? Love of mine and his wife and family and how children can undying love of God to reach perfection?

Why we practice different religions, according to s different because of such little human veil was asked why God Christian woman to Islam when he brought his own hair covering Wants a Muslim woman but wants?

Hardships happiy man who comes to life only because of God that is both palatable? But what is and what God wants humans to suffer even if God will be Drink?

why Shariati dr said ((God not all alternative host))?  But what he found God?

So why Napoleon said (Qur'an alone is responsible for human happiness))?

Why in the Quran that many enemies know that the Koran is true?

Why God says in the Quran God wanted you would all lead?

Very strange book, the Quran God to lead astray even knows? What does that mean?


Various books and reading the Koran and a bit of thinking and away from any religious bigotry and prejudice answer all the questions above you can find only in the Quran


Books I recommend especially the miracle of Quran Miracle number 19 got my previous post I put this blog to download download and you sing

Modaser Chapter I once read the book before the miracle of 19 signs and a time after reading her book

Is not required to accept the Quran miracle to get books and skirt is not even necessary that they'll confirm or deny it Just because you say that the more open sight example where you get and the Qur'an says, ((but they denied that anything They had no knowledge that surrounds the still of fact have not)) know where the water eats

For example, you'll know why God says in the Quran is no compulsion in religion? The name of God and draw us to   Wants our hearts just because she wants to pulsate

I tell her my age I moslem you tell me that Catholics and Protestants, and one tell me And each think that we spend our own name for the religion we choose and you've gotta be wait to see her world ranking Which religion with Allah upper  Who s and prosper

Dean objective way to not target religion

But now that goal is God all gone All of mind rather than being fashioned religion self-worship They been

God's word of human language says it beats Say ((only you and only you want to helping))

Life is way too hard

My motto is more when it was ((just want you want))

But very little more than she could   so hard to say which man knows God

Nightly tell ourselves that the very meaning of God s means that there is something much bigger than that we're thinking about it

Not unduly Prophet Muhammad with her describing the greatness of God, says cognitive ((so that you deserve your knowledge cannot know))

One was saying when I tell God what you ant mind God is a big winged ant

Im a ant its capacity of the box it can go there even bigger idea started to make our case

I read the book when the world wonders thumb to keep the sky and look at her thumb just behind us there are 400 billion galaxies to understand God's creation is hard for us to understand God, let alone that of course everyone more God knows less   S losses

 ((I swear that man right age is very losers except the ones ...))



The purpose of religion is not the purpose of religion is a way
But now all the road worship religion people do not worship God


God only wants the man : A man and worship Me Now GRIP


                                               I know a man and worship me


God wants these people to hear the language : You only want




I just want you


And this is my religion