Many of us believe in the existence of God but believe so pale and ordinary, which is not doing anything for us, we will not solve the problem of real peace and do not wait trust little depressed and we're constantly stressed to the slightest flick have confidence and ...


if any one puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him.(65:3)

Say: "He is (Allah) Most Gracious: We have believed in Him, and on Him have we put our trust: So, soon will ye know which (of us) it is that is in manifest error.(67:29)

Behold! verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve;(10:62)


Existence of God for us is not so tangible, highlighting the sins Bgbrd front attachment to the world and have great faith that we reject greed is so proud of the world try to come out


How to put faith in God despite all   :


We want to be sure so I ask him to take a mundane situation and regardless of the strength we walk towards him and live a beautiful and meaningful and away the demons of pride and disappointment and frustration in the pre-take his physical and mental limitations to forget and to reflect on human perfection


Each of these links alone can God be all the proof and if you have doubt in the comments section insert Nevertheless course other ways to prove the existence of God and strengthen his faith is like the other prophets of God or nature and books Man and much more but here is their opportunity to discuss


------------------------- Argument order and causality argument -------------- ------------

Scientist models that form the solar system was made of gears and chains to the side to put to rest some of his friends at this time entered his comments drew a replica of replica groups and beautifully positioned to see the planets in the replica on rails with a special order came to move

The scientist asked: This replica interesting you've made? Scientist who answered no it is not made unless the person is someone who laughed and said this is not made? Scientist replied: "You have a real giant planets that are in place in orbit without the creator Mypndary believe that the replica is not constructive


-------------------------------- Numerical Miracle Quran ---------------- ----------------

 (Miracle amazing number 19 based on Chapter Mddaser - part or the miracle letters of Quranic Initials - miracle number seven - fitness and equal terms in the Quran - Miracle of the Quran even and odd)

. Amazing miracle of the Qur'an in the book, many aspects, but in recent years thanks to computers mystery of the divine mysteries of this book appeared.

Scenes lobbying deeper investigation system is very strange and complex mathematical ultramundane

the harvest ...... Quran was found with further investigation, an extraordinary solidarity based on the number 19 throughout the Quran is dominated … (Figure 19 and the connection between Pascal's triangle in the chain of revelation revelations look francais)  

This amazing book from here to download

-------------- --------------- Occult miracle Quran --------------- ---------------

 (Quran predicted war in Iran and Rome - about the Koran incident prediction Sep Eleven - Mecca prediction - predict the fate corpse was discovered in the 19th century ...)

Sep 11 predictions about the Koran, some say these incidents do not like the Qur'an than the Americans and Zionists have caused major incident I do not accept this first, that the name and address of the building and took place entirely in the Quran is available in the second sense verse and the next verse, and the concept of wearing human hair is poker Third, even if your guess is correct about the incident actings divine tradition is that the unjust and to dissociate themselves will perish


---------------------------- Verbal miracle of Quran ---------------------------


Geometry words in the Quran is unique, not a word anyone could transposed to the Quran Without impairing its beauty and makes it like no one has been able to make . Quran from this for such a beautiful building that no one could change luxate. To make it more beautiful and not be able to better it or make like it. Style Fashions Koran is not history, not supplement, ie not before someone with this style and the spoke Not later someone - with all the invitations and fight Tlbyhay Koran - has been able to compete with it Or it may mimic

Defiance Koran and defiance as he still continues to mount  Remains and will forever remain faithful Muslims today the world's people  Are invited to participate in this contest and if such and such for the Koran was found, They claim, and regardless of their faith and confidence that such a thing is possible . .



---------- ---------- Amazing Quran Science ---------- ----------

Quran scientists today is surprised. Note that the Quran sciences curtain picks them thousands of years after the Qur'an were discovered by Human


 (Position of Earth Sciences in the Quran - Quran parity plants - round the earth - the earth move - move the Sun - gravity - and the expansion of the universe ...)

... Even when the human solar system not recognizing the Qur'an speak of movement is unbelievable Khvrshydkrd Qur'an speak of a galaxy is moving ...

About Darwin's theory about the emergence of animal world and humans split some said that scientific discovery is placed against religion and the Quran denies and they pause, but two points First, science is always incomplete and evolving, and new theories may Tomorrow With advance knowledge about the second point of creation is stated that even if scientific discovery is correct, it tells Verses from the Koran (Sura 38 Verse tips and other verses) I is an example for you when the Koran was apparent when people move to the sun in the sky see Quran talking about the sun moves were typical for the human consciousness for centuries after humans reached the solar system and found that the sun does not move and that the Earth orbits the Sun at this time, some words about the moving sun-Ferrand were petty years passed and the progress of human knowledge was aware of the galaxies and understand   km/s 240 Dynamic transition, Sun Speed km / s 240... Around the center of the Milky Way galaxy is moving ...


Even Einstein presented the famous formula that revolutionized scientific thinking and created the world suggests the expansion of the universe did not believe this story until years later ...

In 1731 a French scientist La Plus hypothesis or parity plants discovered ...


------------------------- Scientists and intellectuals to speak about the Quran ----------------

Algebra or geometry book the Koran is not a set of rules that the human is the correct way, the way the greatest philosophers and scientists of the world defined and determined it unable, will conduct (Albert Einstein)

Long years of God's priests unaware, we understand the facts of the Holy Quran and grandeur far kept its Creator, but as much as we step on the road of knowledge and curtains placed rending prejudice the glory of the Holy Quran orders, and you We can create strange awe This book unspeakable soon, the world shall be oriented thoughts (Goethe)

In the Qur'an, law and ethics is one. Religious behavior in the Quran, worldly behavior also are included and all its affairs by God through revelation to come John Quran simple and easy ideas away from the uncertainty that creates undue formalities of customs and is free (Will Durant)

Well on the Quran and Islam officials glorify his Creator Spirit beareth witness (Leo Tolstoy)

If the Quran was superstitious and not from God, not that ever dared to human knowledge and to invite dialogue and thinking. No idea the size of the Quran Mohammad (PBUH) human knowledge has come Taan read where nearly nine hundred and fifty times in the Koran, science and reason and thought has gone speak (doctor Henry Corbin)

Thousands of books in my library political, social, literary and ... Is there any more than once I've read, but there is always a Mons books and every time I get tired of the meanings of doors and I want to go back and be happy, it will study I This book, the Quran - the Muslim holy book - is (Ernest Renan)

Hopefully that time is not far away that I could all the scientists of the world unite to do military uniform, just based on the principles of authenticity and truth that the Qur'an and can bring people happiness, I draw  Qur'an alone is responsible for human happiness (the part of Napoleon)




Why should God must believe


  humans need to believe in God   :


The day that day human misery is to know God and human misery

You have different people with different situations, consider

One man completely carefree and poor and caught another man


Perhaps people think that the carefree existence of God need not  But is not it each person knows and knows that that is old dies


Wherever ye are, death will find you out(4:78)

 Perhaps many of us in the world hereafter, we hope and wish that hereafter no god but the corruption of this world even after death you're not satisfied with the incredulous man in old age no matter how crazy would that be

According to human nature needs God formed the man of all fictitious gods need human line stems from God

Despite the difference in the level of God of any human life is not Kmalshan Khlly for everyone in their place after the test is

There is God alone that everything, even death can also be enjoyable

Say: "Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds(6:162)

That man can have nothing but what he strives for;(53:39)

Only exist in the light of God curse this world which can send

All difficulties are delightful finds affection colors mean finds love and devotion


Imagine a land of love, if God does not end the tragedy of death, but God promises eternal Shqhast loves clean


They and their associates will be in groves of (cool) shade, reclining on Thrones (of dignity);(36:56)

When you believe in God who is suffering from fatigue do not arrogant

As everything that is human nature wants

When God the world is any angle that is nice to see the peak is difficult to prove God and I love him and the faithful happy and thank you and blessings to the arrest of others through the


But he who works deeds of righteousness, and has faith, will have no fear of harm nor of any curtailment (of what is his due).(20:112)